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Green Max  New  Train in Feb 2023

I love Hankyu Train .

The Hankyu 8300 series is a vehicle manufactured from 1989 for the Kyoto Line.
There are differences in form depending on the time of manufacture, and from the second car, the front shape was changed, the front destination display was enlarged, and the position of the vehicle number was changed. Furthermore, from the 3rd car, there are differences such as the front window being expanded. The 8-car train is active on the Kyoto Line, Senri Line, and the Sakaisuji Subway Line.
The old paint is different from the current appearance in the ivory color at the top of the front. From around 2000 (Heisei 12), it was changed to the current paint, and the old paint of the 8000 series disappeared.

The 211 series is a DC suburban train with a stainless steel body that appeared in 1986 (Showa 61) during the JNR era.
At JR Tokai, a new design was incorporated to suit the actual situation of the new company, and it was manufactured with a new number division. Of these, the 5600 series is equipped with a small pantograph with the roof of the pantograph part slightly lowered to accommodate the narrow section tunnel of the Minobu Line.
The SS formation is operated mainly on the Tokaido Line in the Shizuoka area.

The Hanshin 5500 series is a commuter type vehicle with 19m3 doors for regular use that appeared in 1995 (Heisei 7). Hanshin's first VVVF inverter control device is adopted, and it is a vehicle with high acceleration and deceleration performance, which is also a feature of Hanshin Electric Railway's regular vehicles, and is called a jet car.
Until now, the body color of Hanshin's regular cars had been cream on the upper half and blue on the lower half, but from this car, the upper half is allegro blue and the lower half is silky gray. It is a vehicle that symbolizes Hanshin Electric Railway.
Since 2016, the renovation work has been started sequentially, and the interior equipment has been updated and the paint has been changed.

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