Kintetsu 5800 series (Devo 1 type painted) 6-car train set (with power)
The 5800 series ``L/C car'', which began operation in July 1997, is a newly built dual-seat vehicle developed independently by Kintetsu with the aim of providing transportation services in the 21st century. This commuter vehicle offers both comfort and riding efficiency, and operates with cross seats during off-peak hours and long seats during peak hours to alleviate congestion. In addition, toilets are installed on trains operated on the Osaka and Nagoya lines.
In 2016, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Nara Line, a formation with paint and decoration inspired by the Debo 1 type that was active at the time of opening appeared, and it is still active in direct operation between Kintetsu and Hanshin. doing.

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