GREENMAX 2023 News

Green Max has begun .

Kiha 220 type 200 is a vehicle that appeared in 1997 as Kiha 200 type with both cab specifications. The Kiha 220 series was introduced in 2006 with minor changes such as one-man support, and was expanded for operation in the Oita area. The interior of the car is an eclectic type of cross seat and long seat, and a barrier-free toilet and wheelchair space are provided. The appearance is characterized by the fact that the destination direction curtains on the front and sides are enlarged by diverting the LED type display for buses.

The Kiha 110 type is a diesel railcar developed by JR East to improve service on local lines, and there are various types of vehicles such as body length, double cab and single cab. I'm here. It also has the same acceleration performance as a train, and greatly contributes to the speedup of local lines.
The group after Kiha 110 series 100 series has a body length of 20m, and the passenger door of 200 series has been changed to a sliding door type.
The Kiha 110 type belonging to Niitsu is active on the Banetsu West Line, Yonesaka Line, Uetsu Main Line, Shinetsu Main Line, and others.

The Kintetsu 8600 series is a vehicle for which 20 4-car trains and 1 6-car train have been manufactured for the Kintetsu Nara Line and Kyoto Line since 1973 (Showa 48).
The 8000 series manufactured from 1964 (Showa 39) and the 8400 series manufactured from 1969 (Showa 44) have the same shape as the 8400 series. Because it is equipped with, the roof shape has been changed to be slightly round.
-In addition, the characteristic direction curtain on the front through door has been installed since manufacturing, and it has been installed in subsequent commuter vehicle series and conventional series.

The Nankai 10000 series was introduced in 1985 as a vehicle for the limited express "Southern" with reserved seats on the Nankai Main Line. Initially, it was a 2-car formation with only the leading car and painted in shades of green, but in 1992, it was changed to a 4-car formation and repainted with a new paint based on silver metallic.
When converting to 4 trains, there is a difference in the composition of the formation that incorporates the original leading car by converting it into an intermediate car and the formation that incorporates a newly built intermediate car.
Currently, trains are operated by connecting non-reserved seats, but until October 2009 (Heisei 21), all seats reserved "Southern", which was composed of 4 + 4 8-car trains, was operated.

Before 10 years , My family went to Wakayma . We would loke to go to Koyasan by Southern , but , there were a lot of people . We could not go there ,,,,


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