GREENMAX 3 Multiple tamper 09-16 (Totetsu Kogyo color) display kit

The multiple tie typer is a large track maintenance machine that has been introduced both domestically and internationally. Track distortions caused by running trains are measured and corrected in millimeter units, the rails are lifted using "rail clamps," and the track bed (ballast) under the sleepers is tamped down with iron claws to restore the performance of the ballast. Let me do it. In the Japanese domestic model, the tamping work section is equipped with a "noise prevention plate."

Product set composition
●Vehicle body
●Rooftop cooling equipment (newly manufactured)
●Worker dolls (3 bodies), vehicle operator dolls (1 body)
●Rearmost display board
●Exhibition rail
-Water transfer decal (newly produced)
●Assembly instructions

Product features
■Very popular 1/80 multiple tie tamper 2nd edition “Totetsu Industrial Color”
■Newly produced decals and rooftop cooling equipment parts are included.
■The car body is unpainted (molding color/car body: green, roof: gray, trolley, etc.: black, window glass, front and rear lights: clear)
■Manufacturer logos and notations on the side of the vehicle are expressed using the included decals.
■The tamping work section is equipped with a “noise prevention plate” designed for Japanese domestic specifications.
■Each part of the handrail is reproduced three-dimensionally with separate parts.
■Front and rear lighting fixtures are expressed with clear parts (non-lit)
■The interior representations around the front and rear consoles (equipment control tables) and the windows can be partially reproduced using separate parts.

*As this is an unpainted kit, assembly and painting are required.
*This product is not compatible with motorization.
*Some product specifications may differ from the actual vehicle.

Differences from the previous product <No.HO-001>
■Change the molding color of each part
■Newly produced decals included
■Newly manufactured rooftop cooling equipment parts are included.

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