Greenmax August 2023 Kintetsu Sightseeing Express

Introducing new products from GREENMAX.

The deadline is March 31 (FRI)

The sightseeing limited express "Awoyoshi" is a train that directly connects Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto, three cities full of Japanese history, culture, and food. The vehicle is a 4-car train, which is a modified 12200 series snack car, and was designed with the concept of beauty and preciousness of "Nara no Wa". The car body is designed with Tenpyo patterns based on the treasures of Shosoin, and the color is purple, which was considered a noble color during the Tenpyo era.
Inside the car, there are salon seats exclusively for groups, twin seats arranged in two rows (1+1 rows), a sales counter in the Azekura style that sells sweets and alcohol that are limited to the inside of the car, and a library where you can read books related to the railway line. It is a space where you can feel the eternal history and culture.

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