Greenmax May 2022

Hi  This Poster is New Greenmax . I stay , you know , in Kansai , near Osaka , Kyoto , and Kobe . So , I like Hankyu Train . That is Hankyu 1300 Limited . The photo is 1400 , but , the name is 1300 Limited .  There is the name of Green Color , and no name . I think it is Kawaramachi (Kyoto ) . I know where the station is. Also the location of the photo. However, this is for Osaka Umeda, but the destination is Kyoto. In other words, it is the station just before Osaka, and the next station is Osaka Umeda, the end point. You have already changed your destination, haven't you? The driver of the Hankyu train! !! !! Another train is bound for Kyoto Kawaramachi. I am looking forward to the new 1300 series of GREENMAX.

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