The Kintetsu 12410 series was manufactured based on the 12400 series in 1980 for the Meihan-Ko limited express (nonstop).

31813 Kintetsu 5200 series was introduced in 1988 as an express and group vehicle. Among these, the 5209 series is a derivative of the 5200 series that appeared in 1991.

The Meitetsu 3500 series was introduced in 1993 as a successor to the previous 6000 series (6000, 6500, and 6800 series) commuter trains, and was the first to adopt VVVF inverter control, electric command brakes, one-handle control, and high speed. This is Meitetsu's main vehicle, which is used as a high-performance commuter vehicle that incorporates new innovations such as the ability to run at 120km/h due to improved performance.

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