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31778 Tokyu Corporation 6000 series
The Tokyu Corporation 6000 series is an express-only vehicle that was introduced in 2008 (Heisei 20) in conjunction with the start of express operation on the Oimachi Line.
While adopting a distinctive wedge-shaped design for the forehead, in addition to arranging the emergency through-passage offset, the arrangement of the lights and the design of the line color also have a different taste from the conventional Tokyu cars. I'm here.
31770 E653 Series 1000 Naho
The E653 series 1000 series is for the limited express "Inaho" between Niigata and Akita. The E653 series, which was active on the Joban Line limited express "Fresh Hitachi", has been modified to withstand cold and snow. The body color has been renewed to a design that represents the waves and the red sky that shines in the setting sun over the Sea of Japan. The Kuha E652, which is the leading car for Akita, has been upgraded to a green car, with seats in rows 1 and 2, and a wide seat pitch and a partition between the front and back seats to create a relaxing space with an emphasis on privacy.

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