The E653 series was introduced in October 1997 under the name of the limited express "Fresh Hitachi" to replace the 485 series "Hitachi" on the Joban Line.
Colorful coloring inspired by the tourist attractions along the Joban Line was adopted, and there were five different colorings for each formation. It can be roughly divided into a basic 7-car formation and an attached 4-car formation, and was operated between Ueno and Iwaki in a 14-car formation with a maximum of 7 cars + 7 cars.
At the time of its appearance, all trains belonged to the Katsuta Vehicle Center, but from 2013 (Heisei 26), it was modified to be cold and snow resistant and was renumbered to the 1000 and 1100 series, and then became the limited express "Inaho". ・Transferred to Niigata Vehicle Center for "Shirayuki".
Of these, the K71 formation (7-car formation) once again belonged to the Katsuta Rolling Stock Center, and while it was based on the coloring of the former Joban Line limited express ``Fresh Hitachi'', it was changed to a light blue color that had never been seen before, and was operated as a temporary train. I am.

JR Hokkaido Kiha 150 type is a vehicle exclusively for the Hokkaido area that appeared in 1993 (Heisei 5).
There are 0 and 100 versions depending on the line used, and the shape of the side windows differs greatly in appearance. The 0th generation is the first in the Hokkaido area to be equipped with an air conditioner, as well as equipment that supports one-man operation and the use of general-purpose parts for buses, in an effort to reduce costs.
With the introduction of the H100 type from 2020 (Reiwa 2), there has been a change in the operational range.

The Kiha 110 type is a diesel train developed by JR East to improve local line services.It comes in a variety of vehicle lengths, double cabs, and single cabs, and can be used in various locations depending on route conditions. It's expanding. It has acceleration performance comparable to that of a train, and greatly contributes to speeding up local lines.
Vehicles destined for the Rikuu West Line have a special paint job and are all located at the Ogoda Vehicle Center.

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