31837 Seibu 6000 series aluminum car
Seibu 6000 series aluminum car

31880 Hankyu 8300 series (secondary car, 8314 formation, old paint)
The Hankyu 8300 series is a train manufactured in 1989 for the Kyoto Line. There are differences in form depending on the production period, and from the second version the front shape has been changed, the front destination display has been made larger, and the position of the vehicle number has been changed. Furthermore, there are some differences from the 3rd generation model, such as the front window being enlarged.
The 8-car train is mainly used on the Kyoto Line, Arashiyama Line, Senri Line, and Sakaisuji Subway Line, but the 6-car train can be operated in conjunction with two 7300 series or 8300 series, or the 6-car train can be used alone. He was also seen active on the Arashiyama Line.

50771 Kintetsu 2610 series
The Kintetsu 2610 series is a 4-door cross-seat vehicle for the Osaka and Nagoya lines that was introduced in 1972 as a replacement for the 2200 series.

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