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JR Kiha 110 type (200s, mid-term type, Hachiko Line) 2-car train set (with power)
About the actual vehicle
The Kiha 110 type is a diesel train developed by JR East to improve local line services.It comes in a variety of vehicle lengths, double cabs, and single cabs, and can be used in various locations depending on route conditions. It's expanding. It has acceleration performance comparable to that of a train, and greatly contributes to speeding up local lines.
Kiha 110 type 200 series has a sliding passenger door, and among these, the group classified as mid-term type has a body length of 20.5 m and is characterized by a short rain gutter above the door. Seibu new 2000 series updated car (car number selection type, after ventilator removal) 8-car formation set (with power)
About the actual vehicle The "New 2000 Series", which was introduced in 1988 as an extension of the 2000 Series, has a completely new appearance compared to the 2000 Series that had been introduced up until then, and is the representative of Seibu's commuter cars, which form a large group of 314 cars. It's a format. It has a variety of 2-car, 4-car, 6-car, and 8-car configurations and is active on the Shinjuku Line and Ikebukuro Line.

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