Hankyu Express GREEN MAX

Hi  I stay in Kansai , and the train is Hankyu  and JR . Hankyu is famous , and last month , Popontetta was sold out 

However , GREEN MAX will sell in December 2021 .  Kyoto Hankyu 1300 Series is from Osaka to Kyoto . On June 6, 2013, it announced the introduction of the 1300 series for the Kyoto line along with the 1000 series for the Shinpo line [2]. It is positioned in the 1000 series Kyoto line specifications, and while inheriting the concept of 9000 series and 9300 series, the environmental performance is improved by reducing noise and power by adopting the latest technology [3]. ..

The formation is an 8-car fixed formation similar to the 1000 series, and in addition to the Kyoto line, it is also possible to board the Senri line and the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line [3]. The 9300 series is a cross-seat car that is mainly operated by limited express trains, and since it does not operate on the Senri line and does not enter the Sakaisuji line, it can be used as a long-seat vehicle on the Kyoto line and as a vehicle that can enter the Senri line and Sakaisuji line. Was introduced for the first time in 19 years since 8315F in 1995.

GREEN MAX will make the same type .


I would like to go Kyoto 

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