Happy Halloween !!

Is it still early? In Japan, HALLOWEEN products have already started to line up in September. HALLOWEEN for sweets, ice cream and cookies. There are many cheap 100-yen shops in Japan, but they are already lined up. It's a cute item, so you'll probably buy it.

Yesterday there was a HALLOWEEN version of sweets at the supermarket. About 1.5 $. I can't stop eating it. Image: (From left) House "Tongari Corn" <Light salt> <Grilled corn> House "Tongari Corn Sweet" <Salt caramel flavor> (with lactic acid bacteria) Halloween package.  I like Salt style !!

HALLOWEEN is cute in Japan. It's not a rare and scary image.

Speaking of HALLOWEEN, we sing, dance and party together. However, this year, even this year, is quiet HALLOWEEN.

HALLOWEEN in Shibuya is famous. Last year, people gathered even though it was COVIT. I don't want to be in trouble this year either.

By the way, in the store, it is difficult to adjust the net due to price and shipping fee. We are thinking of discounting at our shop. Please feel free to contact us.


Happy Halloween!!  

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