Happy New Near " 2020 "


When I gut up in that morning , the sun was beautiful Sunset .

I took a work with my dog momo on the mountain . She thought " I was the same morning , but , there were many people near the mountain .

In Japan , these train was run on 24 hours ( Only 1 January ) . Yes , we go to the temple . 

Kato February 2020 , it will sell . 

“Glacier Express” is an international sightseeing train, one of the icons for Switzerland which is familiar to many people in the world.

It is very popular as it runs through the European Alps in the southeast part of Switzerland from Zermatt to St. Moritz over two companies' railways "Rhaetishe Bahn" and "Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn" very slowly, spending 8 hours, so that the passengers can enjoy to the full looking at the magnificent Alpine landscape from the panoramic view windows.

and Tomix 98685

Series 225 is a new train that appeared in 2010.

The design of the front of the 100th generation added from 2016 has been changed, and 4-car formation and 8-car formation have been prepared.
A fall prevention hood is attached to the front of the top car, and it is operated in conjunction with the 225-0 system.

Please looking forward to checking these items

A Happy New Year !!

Sunset Blue Train

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