January 2024 KATO NEWS

N700 Shinkansen Bullet Train "Nozomi"
Series N700 Shinkansen Bullet Train, introduced for Tokaido and Sanyo Sinkansen lines, is state-of-the art bullet train which is graded up in speed, amenities and energy cost-performance on the basis of Series 700. It started its operation in July, 2007, and now it runs between Tokyo and Hakata. Adding 4-car and 8-car add-on sets to the basic 4-car set, the 16 car configuration can be realized just like its prototype.

Rhaetische Bahn "Allegra"/ "Bernina Express"
We will make a scale model of a trolley-shaped open panoramic passenger car that is characterized by bright yellow color, mainly connected to “Bernina Express”. This is temporary car that passengers can enjoy without additional charge or reservation

Series 24 Sleeper Express "Hokutosei"
Mani 24 500/Ohane 25 0/Ohanefu 25 200
The Sleeper Express "North Star", which used to connect Ueno and Sapporo, did not lose its popularity after its initial release. To compensate for the shortage of power cars due to the increased number of trains, Mani 24s, converted from Mani 50s, were added to the fleet.

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