Japan June Seson

Hello !!

How are you?  Do you make trouble in your health .

My trouble is the Shipping , now . To UK , France , Germany , Canada , and Asia area , I can send these items , now . It may be opened the gate . Please wait it .

Japan season may be begun Rainy season . It is too hot . Japan is Cold day , and Hot day ,So , when it suddenly changed from this season .,, too hot , and 

I have hay fever. . THis is Natural Fight . When I ride my Bicycle , my eyes is sad . 

Recently , the train , there are a little people in Train . Business time , there were a lot of people . But , it has changed by the COVID-19 . Shinkansen , and Express , and Limited are a little people . Movie , Concert , Live , they are accepted in 30 % .. This is the policy .

If I go to near mountain , it has not changed in our life ( but changing many insect) . Last year , I tried to take the photo . 

This season is humid. It also rains. The train running in the mountains runs slowly in the fog. The train runs between them in the white mist. It's a privilege of Japan with four seasons. If you think of a good meaning. In future , I would like to take these photo .



I hope healthy for your body , and your family 

Thank you


 Sunset Blue Train


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