Kansai Snow

Hello  How are you !!  Japan is Asia area , but , in this season , there is the snow , sometimes . Because , Hokkaido , and Tohoku area , everyday , there are a lot of Snow . It is unusual for us Kansai people to have snow. As you can see in the picture, snow on the Hankyu train is very rare. I went to take a picture. Most of the time, I miss winter when it's summer, and now I miss the summer season. Only me? In winter, both the Shinkansen and trains are affected. Tires will slip even on the bus. Which is better?

Cherry blossoms bloom in spring. This is great, but it causes a lot of sneezing. Autumn leaves are beautiful. However, it is time to prepare before winter. I feel that autumn has become shorter this year. (The days to go to the photos are gone soon.) It's the season in Japan.

How is the season in your area?

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