Kato 10-1158 Freight Cars Set , again !!

Hi  A few weeks before , Kato 10-1158 Freight Car Set sell , again . It is said 

Hakubi Line Lime Transport Freight Train .  It was very famous . The freight run with D51 Steam locomotive .


Hakubi is a restaurant that serves local cuisine such as mackerel sushi in Niimi City, northern part of Okayama Prefecture.
We will entertain you with the seasonal products of the nature of Btsutyuu, which can only be enjoyed in Hakubi, by making the best use of each material.

At Kurashiki Station on the Okayama Seto Inland Sea side, depart from Platform 4 [8], make a large curve to the right and head north. Soon after, the Takahashi River will be on your left, and you will go up the Takahashi River valley to Niimi Station. When you leave Soja Station, you will enter a valley, and between Gokei Station and Niimi Station, you will see a train window overlooking the valley of the Takahashi River along with National Highway No. 180. Of these, the section between Ikura Station and Ishiga Station was the most meandering section of the Takahashi River, and the Hakubi Line was also operated along that flow, but the route was changed due to the double tracking. The old line trace has been diverted to a bicycle path.

Niimi Station was a transportation hub where trains from the Kishin Line and Geibi Line entered, and during the JNR era, the Niimi Locomotive District was also established as a depot where steam locomotives were located. The Geibi Line branches off from Bichu-Kojiro Station, which is two stations away from Niimi Station.

From Niizato Station to Kami-Iwami Station, take the Tandadawa Pass tunnel from Okayama prefecture to Tottori prefecture, and follow the Hino River to the Sea of ​​Japan side. After passing Hoki Mizoguchi Station, you can see Oyama on your right, and as you proceed through the Yonago Plain, the Yonago Expressway approaches, and if you turn left and turn west, you will find yourself at the end of the Hakubi Line. Arrive at a certain Hoki Oyama station.
Freight trains are also operated, and high-speed freight trains composed of container cars are set for four round trips a day. The traction machine is an EF64 type electric locomotive. In the past, cement and quicklime for steelmaking were shipped from stations in Niimi City, but they were abolished by 1986.

Please check Google Map, and Photo. Japan --Okayama --Hakubi Line

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