Kato 10-1297 EUROSTAR on TV


Yesterday , I watched TV , and the name is EURO .  ( But , it was 2015 )

Yes , so , they could go to EURO area . I did not know the char of desk . It is good design .  There is the dask in Kato 10-1297 , 10-1298 . The color is Yellow , and Red . 

Since the opening of Euro tunnel under Dover Channel in Nov., 1994, Eurostar travels at 300 km/h in 3 hours between London and Paris and in 2 hours and 40 minutes between London and Brussels. Eurostar has been developed in cooperate by 3 countries, France, Belgium and U.K. on the basis of TGV.
The Eurostar “three capital train”, which travels to and from London, Paris, Brussels, consists of 20 cars including the 2 top cars on both ends. In order to match the coloring with the successor Eurostar e320 (Class374) train, the livery is changed into a bold silver and blue coloring from the conventional basically white color. Please enjoy running the 20-car train (#10-1297 8-Car Basic Set x 1+10-1298 4-Car Add-on Set x 3).

Now , we cannot go to worldwide . However , I run these train in Diorama of My town . 

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