Kato 10-1542 ICE4 #9034

Kato has become ICE 4 , New Version .

Before a year , suddenly , 10-1512 sold in Kato . But , it was suddenly sold out . There were no 10-1512 . This October sell 10-1512 , and new color 10-1542 .

It is different setting . Please check it .

Deutsche Bahn launched the high-speed trains ICE4 from December 2017.In 2018 as part of the marketing of activities to adopt an environmental conservation system that has been carried out in Europe ,the design of the train body change the red line to a green line to representing environmental conservation, and the number of operating trains has been increased.
KATO will release ICE4 painted with a very eye-catching green line train and you are able to operating with re-run product 10-1512 ICE4

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