KATO 10-246 Series 885 1st. "Around Kyushu" 6-Car Set

KATO 10-246 Around the Kyushu has been re-released. I have never rode. Looking at the green car, it looks like an office in a high-rise building. (I love stopping at each station in Kyushu)

High-back seat upholstered in black leather with a luxurious feel. It is a calm space that you can not think of as a train, such as a white wooden table attached to the arm part.

A common space with different functions and designs for each vehicle. Car 2 is an art gallery that uses curved walls.

KATO was re-released probably because it has many fans. The Kyushu Shinkansen is running now, but this express is also good. In the future, it may transform into a sightseeing limited express. (^^)

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