KATO 7008-F Blue Diesel Locomotive

The DD51 Late for cold regions "Hokutosei" (Northern Star) is indispensable for the limited express sleepers running through Hokkaido. The DD51 was manufactured as a diesel locomotive that meets performance, comparable to the passenger C59 and freight D51 steam locomotives as the flagship of JNR power modernization. Incorporating the image of the sleeper limited express "Hokutosei", which entered service after the opening of the Seikan Tunnel in 1988, which was succeeded by JR Hokkaido, after the summer of the same year, the color of all aircraft was changed to the blue 20 wearing a gold belt. Due to the reduction of passenger trains, the number of cars has gradually been scrapped, and the last five cars have retired due to the end of normal operation of the Cassiopeia in March 2016.

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