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Kato contact to us , this is 2020 January and February .


Kato 10-1578 10-1579

I stay in Kansai !! So , I`m glad to be sold in this season .


Series 221 renewed is now still in service as “Yamatoji Rapid” etc. on Kansai mainline and Osaka Loop Line. Kato will make the scale model by using completely new molds.

Series 221 was a DC suburban train which appeared in 1989 to be used as “Shinkaisoku” rapid. To the rolling stock, JR West Japan provided the designing and manufacturing of the kind which was first ever done in west Japan. Currently it is in service not only as a rapid train on Tokaido/Sanyo mainlines but also in even wider areas including Kansai mainline (Yamatoji line), Osaka Loop line, Nara line, San-in mainline (Sagano line), Kusatsu line, Kosei line, etc.

Since 2013, such renewals have been provided to the train as the installation of shields to the train top to protect passengers from falling as well as the change of headlights into HID and fog lights.

7011-3   DE10 JR Freight New Color

The pro type of the scale model DE10 used to run in yards and on unelectrified lines throughout Japan. So this scale model is suitable for use in small dioramas as well. Kato has renewed this popular scale model Locomotive in its appearance and running function.



  • The difference between cold region and warm region models are accurately represented:
  • With and without snow plow
  • With and without fast-revolving window on cab
  • With and without cover over whistle (for modeller's optional installation)

 If there are some questions , please let me know


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Sunset Blue Train



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