Kato May 2023

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E353 „Azusa/Kaiji“ of JR East Japan now joins the series of Kato Starter Sets.
E353, which started the business operation in December, 2017, was a successor of E257 and E351 that had been in service under the nicknames of “Azusa” or “Kaiji”. As a major character, it has high curving performance equal to E351 by employing car-body tilting system using air spring. The simple and powerful paint-scheme feels very speedy like symbolizing the next generation limited express train, donning violet belts on the alpine white body.
This is a starter set comprising a train, Uni-track and power pack, all in one, recommendable to beginners of model railroad hobby. The power pack is standard SX with high output of 1.2A.
A full train can be made by adding 10-1523 E353 “Azusa/Kaiji” 5-car add-on set and 10-1524 3-Car auxiliary set to this train.

23-436C 437C 438C 439C

Easily customizable, modifiable, and great looking on any layout, Kato Structures will have you looking at scenery in a whole new way.

KATO's Iida Line series, one of the most popular vehicles on the Iida Line before 1978, the Kumoha 52 (primary car) following the Iida Line (secondary car) is now available.
The Kumoha 52, which appeared in 1936 for the Kansai Express Railway, was placed on the Iida Line in 1957 after undergoing numerous itineraries. At that time, the Kumoha 52 series was particularly popular on the Iida Line, which was bustling with many old national trains, and many railway fans visited from all over the country in search of the "current".
The Kumoha 52 primary car features narrow side windows and an appearance with aligned rain doi positions. We will accurately express the different appearances of each vehicle, such as the difference between Kumoha 52001 and 002 (front window size, tail light position, pantograph, etc.) and the difference between Saha 48021 and 024 (with or without rivets, sabot holders, etc.).
The Kumoha 52 type secondary car features wide side windows and a variety of appearances. Please enjoy the world of the Iida Line by combining it with each product of the old Iida Line Kokuden series, the single-track deck girder curved iron bridge, and the small station building of the local line.

A new modern suburban type platform DX is now coming out. That is all new and allows you to enjoy it also with illumination.
#23-000 Platform DX illumination kit will create a night scene on a station platform easily.
This platform can be used on a track layout on the floor. This product sets up a platform, which is often seen in a relatively new station, in N scale. As it is a complete product, you can make a realistic station with it very handily.
Combination with #23-163 Platform Door set for a 4-door train (6 carriages x 2 sides) will enable to represent the platform doors which are furnished at a conventional railway station crowded with passengers.

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