KATO Newa 2023


10-1883 E257 series 5000 series that is active in various limited expresses for wave movement
-The E257 series 5000 series is a wave motion vehicle that was modified in 2021 from the E257 series 0 series, which was a limited express vehicle for Kofu and Matsumoto. The front shape conforms to the 2000 series that is active in "Odoriko" and "Shonan", but the interior has been minimally remodeled, such as installing luggage space. It is a vehicle with a characteristic green stripe on a white body.

14-806 Series Refreshing retro style Maitram is here!
A retro-style lineup of the universally designed streetcar "My Tram", which can be enjoyed regardless of region or era, is now available. Since there is no specific city or period setting, it is possible to reproduce the scene of trams seen in Japan and overseas. It has a simple appearance, so you can enjoy it even if you customize it according to your favorite image.

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