10-1898 10-1899

2000s appeared as the best ever version in 1998 trying to reduce the manufacturing costs. The cars are diversified in the form depending on makers and production times. In 2013, extra diaphragms were installed to prevent passengers from falling on the track between cars. It is still now in service as “Shinkaisoku”, etc.

HO 165 Series

Series 165 is a well-known DC express electric train which has expanded the express train network of JNR.
For operation in mountainous areas, it is not only increased in the main motor’s output power but also equipped with on-slope holding brake, notch-back control and cold and snow-proof systems. The total of 701 trains were manufactured in 7 year’s period from 1963.
This was the last DC express train of JNR which had the 1st class so-called green cars and buffet cars connected and was widely deployed as express or local trains in Tohoku (south of Kuroishi), Joetsu, Ko-shin-etsu, Boso, Tokai, Nanki areas, etc.

●Series 165-800 4-Car Set/ MOHA Unit 2-Car Set/ 3-Car Set/ KUHA 165
The Series 165, the ultimate version of a DC express train, is one of the famous vehicles that expanded the JNR's express train network.
To adapt to mountainous areas, the trains main electric motor output was increased and they were equipped with grade control brakes, notch return controls, and cold- and snow-proof equipment. In the span of seven years starting in 1963, 701 of these vehicles were manufactured.
For this re-run, the MSRP and barcode number will change.
All other specifications remain the same as before.


10-1889 10-1890

●E001 4-Car Basic Set/ 6-Car Add-On Set
We are re-introducing the excursion train ""TRAIN SUITE Shikishima,"" a representative train of JR East, in two separate sets. The E001, which was built specifically as an excursion train, uses an ""EDC system"". This means that on electrified routes, the train's traction motor is powered by the overhead lines as usual, but on non-electrified routes, this is instead done by diesel generators installed in the train. Furthermore, the train is compatible with DC 1,500 V, AC 20,000 V (50 Hz/60 Hz), and AC 25,000 V (on routes shared with the Hokkaido Shinkansen), and thus can operate in a wide area regardless of the electrification status of the routes.
Windows of different sizes are on the sides of the dynamic body, which is painted in Shikishima Gold, and cooling fans are lined up on both front cars. Combined with the pantographs and high-voltage power receiving units installed on the roof, the train sports a very lively design.
Re-introduced in two separate sets, perfect for N gauge beginners.
The product shows a high-quality make that is on par with the prototype and the design of the elegant inside of the train, including the "Suite," "Deluxe Suite," and "Shikishima Suite," is accurately reproduced. This way, you can closely enjoy the beauty of the excursion train.


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