Kato News HO "Dream View " Yumekukan

Following the success of "Hokutosei", JR East produced in 1989 in order to consider the direction of next-generation sleeper limited express trains. Transported guests at a conference. After that, it became a restaurant in front of Kaihinmakuhari Station, but in January 1991, "Hokutosei Tomamu Ski" started general commercial operation. After that, in addition to driving in the metropolitan area to Hokkaido on a special train related to "Hokutosei", he retired in March 2009, leaving a track record of entering Sanin and Kyushu. Currently, the dining car and lounge car are preserved as a commercial facility in Saitama Prefecture, and the sleeping car as a restaurant in Tokyo.
Commercialized by reproducing the state of the room such as curtains, desk lamps, and table lamps. Together with <1-323 EF81 81 Hokutosei Color> and <3-515 Series 24 Sleeper Limited Express "Hokutosei">, you can enjoy driving Hokutosei with dream space connected.
-Commercialized the 24 series "Yume Kukan", which was produced as a next-generation luxury passenger car for JR East, in HO gauge!
-The prototype is from the 1990s (1998-). The color of the truck and floorboards is expressed in black.
- Orone 25 901 <Deluxe Sleeper>
・Aisle walls are color-coded for the upper and lower parts of the aisle side wall (cream color) and the private room door part (light brown).
・ The side window on the private room side expresses a curtain
- Ohafu 25 901 <Crystal Lounge Supremo>
・Color-code the sofa, piano, and counter in the room ・Color-code the sofa, piano, and counter in the room ・Color-code the sofa, piano, and counter in the room
・ Beautifully reproduces the stained glass of the round window
・The curtain reproduces both the horizontal curtain and the shade curtain.
・There are 4 desk lamps that light up.
- Oshi 25 901 <dining car>
・ Color-coded table / chair with different parts
・The entire floor surface, private rooms, and the lower part of the cooking room wall surface are reproduced in reddish brown. In addition, the upper part of each wall is color-coded with cream
・Representing the curtain on the side window of the dining room
・Each table lamp lights up
- Back sign / side display is [Yume Kukan] installed
- Back sign / tail light lighting. Uses white LED
-Equipped with a knuckle coupler on the locomotive side and a dense self-connected coupler on the passenger car connection side. Replacement tail mark ("Hokutosei", "Hokutosei Tomamusky", "Yume Kukan Wakura", "Plain" x 1 each) included
- Quick head mark / head mark receiver for EF65 ([Dream space] [Hokutosei] [Hokutosei Tomamusky] [Yume space wall]) included
-Accessories... Damper for connection surface (for each of 3 colors for 1 car), car number sticker, side destination display, wiper, wife face antenna, head mark [Dream Space] [Hokutosei] [Hokutosei Tomamusky] [Dream Space Wall] ] / Head mark receiver (for EF65) / Head mark receiver (for EF65), replacement tail mark [Hokutosei] [Hokutosei Tomamusky] [Yume Kukan Wakura], plain

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