KATO News over 26 July

Now , Thunderbird begin to sell this July . The basic and Add-on , however , Kato 10-1747 will sell in July .

The Series 683 is the newest generation of the "Thunderbird" which succeeds Series 681. The "Thunderbird" is a very popular train that operates a route from Osaka, the second largest city of Japan, to the northern coast of the island nation. The express train has been named after a wild bird, which inhabits the snowy coastal province and changes its color into white in winter. The almost white light-gray and streamlined body and aerodynamic pilot cars make the "Thunderbird" an extremely attractive and recognizable train.
When we offered the Series 681 "Thunderbird" model sets several years ago, they did very well.

・The prototype is the current form of the T45 train set belonging to the JR West Kanazawa General Railroad Depot.
・The use of a newly developed motor provides even smoother and quieter running.
・Parts are included to show the front doors of the lead car in the open position (fixed with double-sided tape, etc.).
・Headlight/tail is lighting.KUMOHA683 is equipped with a light-off switch.
・DCC friendly


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