Kato Poster 2 December 2022

EF510 AC/DC Electric Locomotive made its debut in 2001 to replace EF81 Electric Locomotive, operated on Japan Sea Coast Line and Joban Line.
The logo of English nickname for EF510 "ECO-POWER RED THUNDER" is painted on its body sides (on sacle model #3051 EF510 only, not on #3051-1).

Later in 2009, EF510-500 North Star Color Scheme made its debut to pull sleeper express trains such as North Star or Cassiopea. The locomotive's body color is changed into blue with a gold shooting star painted on it.

JR Freight deployed EF510 in 2002 as a new AC electric locomotive to Japan Sea coastal lines. It is a new generation locomotive achieving the high performance with saved power by utilizing the latest technology. It was much talked about when EF510 500 locomotives of this model was deployed in July, 2010 to pull the sleeper limited express “Hokutosei”, “Cassiopeia” of JR East Japan in addition to JR Freight’s original EF510-0.
Together with 10-831/832 Series 25 Sleeper limited Express “Hokutosei” Deluxe consist, please enjoy “Hokutosei” in the heyday.


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