Kato Sunrise will sell in June !!


Commercialized in the form after the renewal carried out after 2013 (Heisei 25). The 0s are prototypes of I3 formation, and the 3000s are prototypes of I5 formation. Select a different organization from existing products.
The Mohane 285 reproduces the appearance of two pantographs added. In addition, the Mohane 285-200 / 3200 reproduces the form in which Toshiba's underfloor equipment is installed with new parts.
WPS28 single arm type pantograph adopted.
Reproduce the door switch. The door steps on the side of each car are represented by a yellow warning color.
A body mount close-coupled coupler (without hook) is newly adopted for the coupler at the head of the leading car. Parts that reproduce the two-stage electric ream and coupler cover are included with each user.
Achieves stable driving by adopting a well-established power unit (not equipped with a flywheel).
Beautifully expresses the sunrise mark of the leading car.
Newly produced destination display stickers with current specifications.
Product Description We will update the popular 285 series Sunrise Express to the current appearance with additional pantographs.
As the only sleeper limited express, the 285 series, which connects Tokyo with Takamatsu in Shikoku and Izumo City in Sanin, has been renewed since 2013, including the addition of pantographs and the expansion of customer door steps.
You can enjoy the 285 series that is currently active by reproducing the renewal of the actual car with N gauge.

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