KinosakiーOnsen Kounotori

Do you know ONSEN? It is Hot water springs from nature. Japan is a country with many earthquakes. But , there are a lot of Onsen . Of course , it is not only the reason of Onsen . And it becomes a tourist destination.I stay  in Kansai . Kansai famous are Wakayama , and Kinosaki .

Sometimes , I see Express " Stork Japanese name is Kounotori "  When I was Child , the name was " Kinosaki " Yes , it is Area name . I looked for Kinosaki Express , but , it was changed .

ONSEN KINOSAKI is famous in Worldwide . There are a lot of Onsen in Kinosaki . And , there is Kinosaki World , it is big the park . I want to go Konosaki when I see Kounotori ,,,,

And , do you know Onsen with other people ?


Men enter each other naked. Of course I hide it with a towel. There are men's and women's baths. Please remember.

Have a nice day !!

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