Kinosaki Onsen Hot Spring by Express Kinosaki

Hello  Is there Onsen in your country ?  Japan is very cold , now . And , I would like to go Onsen (Spring Hot ) .  Kinosaki is famous Onsen in Japan . I went to go there before 5-6 years .  Now , I would like to go there by Kinosaki Express .

There are Japan Sea , and Kinosaki Park .It is a hot spring that mainly visits seven outdoor hot springs. "Ichinoyu", which is said to be the first outdoor hot spring, was called "Arayu" in the Edo period, but Kagawa Shutoku (Kagawa Osamu), a Chinese medicine doctor of the Koho school in the middle of the Edo period. An) praised the quality of the spring and renamed it "Ichinoyu" with the meaning of "Ichinoyu in the sea" (= No. 1 in Japan). The official name of "Satonoyu" is "Toyooka City Kinosaki Onsen Exchange Center", and the bathhouse facilities and training rooms are publicly owned by the designated manager system, and other facilities are municipally managed. There is a branch hot spring section. At the seven outdoor hot springs set up in the hot spring village, the first bill is distributed to the first bathers on the day for tourists.

A hot spring town is formed along the Otani River, which connects to the seven outdoor hot springs from the front of Kinosaki Onsen Station, and willows are planted along the river. There are also accommodation facilities located along the main stream of the Maruyama River, where the Otani River flows. [2] The bridges over the Otani River were designated as important buildings for landscape formation in the prefecture in 2006. It is a hot spring near the coast of Japan, and is popular for swimming in the summer and crab dishes in the winter. At Kinosaki Onsen Station, there are Satonoyu (a hot spring in the station building), a footbath, and a drinking fountain. There are footbaths and drinking fountains all over the hot spring town.

When I went to send DHL , I watched Express  Kinosaki  in front of me ..... I would like to go there ....

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