Kyushu Shinkansen is about 4 US$ , from One Station to One station ( Unreserved seat)

When My kids was 2 years , Suddenly , we got on Shinkansen from Osaka to Kobe about 15 minutes . It was 15 US$ , expensive . My kids said we want ,,,but .

But , Kyushu shinkansen is 4 $ from Hakata to next station . I don't believe it .

To commemorate the 7th anniversary of the opening of all Kyushu Shinkansen lines, JR Kyushu will release the "Kyushu Shinkansen Neighboring One Coin Ticket" and the "Kyushu Shinkansen Free Pass".

The "Kyushu Shinkansen Neighboring One Coin Ticket" is a ticket that allows you to use unreserved seats on ordinary cars on the Kyushu Shinkansen from each station to the next station. The sale price is 500 yen for adults and children. Use date is March 11th only. It is sold at 12 stations on the Shinkansen, Omuta and Tamana stations, JR Kyushu travel branches in Hakata, Kurume, Kumamoto and Kagoshima, and Omuta, Shin-Yatsushiro and Kawauchi station travel centers. At each sales point, only tickets that use that station as the departure / arrival station will be sold. Tickets to / from Shin-Omuta Station will be sold at Omuta Station, and tickets to / from Shin-Tamana Station will be sold at Tamana Station.


I like it ..

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