March 2024 KATO

3045-2 Electric Loco. EH200 Massproduction Version (without JRF Mark)
●Electric Loco. EH200 Massproduction Version (without JRF Mark)
The EH200 is a two-car class H freight DC electric locomotive manufactured to end coupled train operations and replace aging EF64s that had been operating on the Chuo Main Line, Shinonoi Line, Joetsu Line, and other gradient lines.

10-1935 TAKI 4300 and TAKI1000 Japan Oil Terminal (Especially Planned)
TAKI 4300 and TAKI1000 Japan Oil Terminal
Among the oil freight cars transporting oil from refineries in the Keihin and Keiyo areas to Tohoku, the Taki 43000 and Taki 1000 from the Japan Oil Terminal are familiar faces in their blue livery.

10-033 AGAIN!! Freight Train 6-Car Set
Kato will renew the assorted freight car set which is popular among beginners. This is a set of colorful and unique 6 cars picked out from lineup of JR freight cars rich at variation which enables you to easily enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of JR freight trains. Freight transport at the time of JR was taking the system that respective cars, destined to different destinations, joined together, making a freight train. So the freight train consisted of various cars different in appearance.
Many models of locomotives are suitable to draw this freight car set such as steam locomotives of various D51, C11, C12, C56, etc. and electric locomotives of EF15, EF65 0, ED71, EF80, EF81 normal color, etc. as well as diesel locomotives of various DE10, DD51 orange, DD54, DF50. This set is particularly recommended to those who have bought Starter Set Steam Locomotive D51.

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