Memorual Locomotive and Around the Kyushu

Series 787 "Around Kyushu"

Since its debut in July 1992, the 787 series has been used as various express trains such as ``Tsubame'', ``Ariake'', and ``Relay Tsubame''. Currently located at the Minami Fukuoka Rolling Stock Center and Oita Rolling Stock Center, the 6-, 7-, and 8-car train sets are mainly ``Kirameki'', ``Kaio'', ``Magpie'', ``Relay Kamome'', and ``Nichirin'', and 4-car trains. The train is mainly composed of ``Nichirin'', ``Hyuuga'', and ``Kirishima'', and continues to run as the main vehicle of conventional line limited express trains.The blue-gray running equipment is reproduced in accordance with the actual vehicle, and the destination display stickers include the ``Relay Kamome'' and ``Magpie,'' which will be newly operated with the opening of the West Kyushu Shinkansen in 2023.


(HO) Electric Locomotive EF58 with Icicles Cutter (Blue)
With equipment against snow in snowy regions
Electric locomotive EF58 debuted in 1952 as a locomotive to meet the need of passenger transport after the last war.
In snowy regions,it was furnished with icicle cutter eaves and snow plow on the front, power supply indicating lisht, on the side.
A new varient of (HO) EF58 will appear with equipment against snow.
This locomotive is recommendable to tow (HO) SUHAFU 12, (HO) OHA12 and (HO)OHAFU13 which are planned for the simultaneous release.


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