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A8053 Nankai 2000 series 3rd edition car
Nankai Electric Railway introduced the 2000 series in 1990 as the successor to the 22000 series "Zoom Car" for direct service on the Koya Line mountain section.
The 2000 series adopts the traditional stainless steel body of Koya Line vehicles since the 6000 series and the latest VVVF inverter control, making it easy to move from flat lines.
It is a high-performance vehicle that can run on various routes up to the mountain line, and it is a 17m class, 2 door per side, long train that can be used on the mountain section of the Koya line.
The body structure of the seat was continued and it was called the ``Stainless Steel Zoom Car.''

A8608 Sagami Railway New 6000 Series
The new 6000 series was introduced in 1970 as a model change from the previous 6000 series. Vehicle width is 2,930mm
It was the widest domestic narrow gauge vehicle at the time.

A1045 C type diesel locomotive DD12 type
A3167 Waki 700 Ministry of the Navy private freight car type

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