Micro Ace News 2

The Odakyu Electric Railway Type 30000 ``EXE'' is a limited express train manufactured in 1996 to replace the Type 3100 ``NSE.''
-There is a 6-car train for Odawara and a 4-car train for Shinjuku, and each can be operated independently or in a 10-car train that connects the two.
-The outer front of both is a non-penetrating type, and the opposite front is a penetrating type with a retractable automatic hood.
●With an emphasis on commuting and business demand, we have secured a capacity of 578 people for 10-car operation.
●Facilities that meet the needs of the times, such as wheelchair-accessible Western-style toilets, small men's toilets, public telephones, and vending machines, have been introduced, while the front view has been simplified.
-The body color is harmonic pearl bronze with a red accent.
-The lower part uses VVVF inverter control using IGBT elements and a bolsterless truck.
-As of 1996, express lights were being used in Odakyu, and the sight of the express lights being lit was seen even in the 30000 type.
-Also, initially, the moquette color of the seats was green for 6-car formations, blue for 4-car formations, and there was no [EXE] logo on the side of the restroom, but in line with the additional cars that appeared in 1999, conventional cars also had The moquette colors were unified to blue-gray + orange, and the logo was posted on the side.
-A large-scale update work has been carried out since 2017, and the completed formation has been painted with a silver tone and its nickname has changed to [EXEα].
-All formations are still active as of 2024.

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