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The Ohafu 51 and Oha 51 were designed for Hokkaido with enhanced heat retention and structural changes around the windows. In 1987, as an attempt to smooth boarding and alighting during rush hours, remodeling was carried out to add doors and decks to the center of the car body of Oha 51-41, and later remodeling of 711 series trains to 3 doors and the birth of 721 series trains. connected with

In 2005, the Hokuso Railway introduced the 7500 series based on the Keisei 3000 series. A block structure was adopted around the side passenger door of the lightweight stainless steel body. The forehead is made of ordinary steel with a slanted shape, and a horizontally long marker light and tail light that follow the shape of the Keisei 3700 8th car are installed at the waist. The basic design and main equipment are the same as the Keisei 3000 type 4th car in consideration of the Keisei Oshiage Line entry, and there is a difference in the body identification band color. In addition to the Hokuso Blue and Hokuso Light Blue belts attached just like the Keisei 3000 series, a triangular slit pattern that resembles an aircraft wing has been added to give a more fearless impression. Three 8-car trains are currently enrolled, and they are active in direct access to the Keisei Oshiage Line, Toei Asakusa Line, and Keikyu Line.

Seibu Railway 001 series Raview will be formed in October 2018 as a new flagship train that will carry the future.
1st formation) was completed and commercial operation started on March 16 of the following year. The car body is made of aluminum alloy and the front is spherical, and it features an unprecedented shape. It is also painted in a unique silver color that reflects the landscape. The interior of the car is colored in the image of yellow, which is the body color of Seibu trains, and it is an accent that stands out from the large side windows. The headlights are LED, and in addition to the normal lighting pattern, it is possible to light the upper half and light up the "smile". -From 2019 to the next year, 6 more trains will be completed, making a total of 7 trains, and all limited express trains on the Ikebukuro Line will be operated with the 001 series Raview.

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