Nakayama Temple 2

Nakayama-dera Temple, which is said to hover over the Hokusetsu region, is Japan's first sacred Kannon temple founded by Prince Shotoku. In memory of Saki no Kisaki Onakahime, the former wife of the 14th Emperor Chuai, her eldest son Kagosaka no Ouji, and his younger brother Oshikuma no Ouji. Or, it is said that it was erected to appease the spirit of Mononobe no Moriya, who was defeated in a political battle with Prince Shotoku and Soga no Umako.

It is said that during the Nara period, it was a large temple with numerous large and small pagodas, comparable to Mt. Koya and Mt. Hiei. Despite being hit by numerous wars and natural disasters, the current temple was formed through the enthusiastic faith and donations of the Genji, Toyotomi, Tokugawa, and other influential people of the era, and has protected the Buddhist lanterns for over 1,400 years. continue.

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