New Kato

Kiha 201 is a commuter railcar of JR Hokkaido that appeared in 1997. Each car is equipped with two 450ps engines capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 130km / h, and is also equipped with a body tilting device to improve curve passage. In addition to the common design of the 731 series train and the indoor equipment that were designed at the same time, it is a major feature that it can be operated in cooperation with the 731 series train.
It is a product that you can enjoy the current appearance of Kiha 201, such as a clean front surface due to the removal of the automatic hood device, a lower part where the equipment has been updated, and a destination display sticker that matches the current operation.
-The current appearance of the D101 organization belonging to the nursery operation station is a prototype
● Accurately reproduce the appearance of the automatic hood device removed and the underfloor equipment updated
-The front holo reproduces the bulging shape of the holo part seen in JR Hokkaido vehicles
● The coupler uses a close-coupled coupler without hooks at the beginning and middle. Equipped with a removable coupler cover on the coupler at the beginning
-Reproduce the skirt with a revised opening shape
-Reproduce the side notation with a stroller mark added under the wheelchair mark of Kiha 201-200
● Roof equipment installed
● Stable running is possible by adopting a power unit with a flywheel.
● Head / tail light on (with off switch)
-The attached destination display sticker is newly produced by reviewing the recorded contents (common with 731 series <Ishikari Liner>)
・ Front type display: "Normal", "Section rapid", "Rapid"
・ Side destination display: "Ordinary Otaru" "Ordinary Teina" "Ordinary Sapporo" "Ordinary Ebetsu" "Ordinary Tomakomai" "Ordinary Otaru (Rapid train from Sapporo)" "Ishikari Liner Hosimi (Normal from Sapporo)" "Ishikari Liner Ebetsu" "Ordinary Niseko Liner" "Rapid Niseko Liner Tamachiyasu (Otaru to Ordinary)" "Rapid Niseko Liner Otaru" "Rapid Niseko Liner Sapporo"
● DCC friendly

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