New Kato September 2022


● EF2 10 300
・ 3092-1 is a prototype of the machine belonging to the Fukida engine ward at the time of new participation in February 2020.
-Reproduce the characteristic lower front part of the body, steps, and large skirt that jut out to the front
-Reproduce the rain doi extended to the full length of the car body
・ Beautifully express the yellow belt on the side and the logo design of Momotaro
-There is a character design of Momotaro drawn on the side, reproducing the figure without the JRF mark
-Reproduce the enlarged white guide railing
-Achieves stable running by adopting a power unit with a flywheel. With traction tires, it is recommended to drive the main business machine with freight cars in a row.
-Selectable license plate: "316" "317" "318" "319"

● N gauge starter set EF210 container train
-For the locomotive of the set, select the latest "EF210-300" from the EF210, which is the main locomotive for freight. Ready-to-run specification with release lever, hand pickpocket, lightning arrester, train radio antenna, whistle, signal flame installed
・ The freight cars are Koki 107 x 2 cars (Koki 107 329, Koki 107 463). The product specifications are the same as those included in the 10-1432 Koki 106 + 107 container unloaded 10-car set. Includes reflector for Koki 107
・ The loading container is a vivid magenta with a 40-foot high cube container featuring the "ONE" logo and a 19D container (new paint) x 6 that is familiar to container freight trains. Enjoy the formation of freight trains that change. receive.
-The power pack adopts "Power Pack Standard SX" and "AC adapter for starter" which are easy to use and have high output (1.2A).
・ Unitrack track is composed of one endless lap equivalent to M1 set.
・ A variety of track development is possible by adding the Unitrack "V track set series".
-The attached plan variation guide is a treasure trove of track plans. Enjoy more expansive system deployment
-There is a secret pocket inside the package, which can store the case and railroad tracks of the vehicle set that you purchased later.
・ Accessories: 1 for the front of the license plate, 1 for the side of the license plate, 1 for the reflector, 2 for the KATO knuckle coupler

40-902 Unitrack Starter Set Hiroshima Electric Railway 1000 Series
-Hiroden Electric Railway 1000 type <Green Mover LEX> Standard color (product for starter set): Car number 1006, beautifully reproduces the dark green band on the white body. The front destination display is "5 Hiroshima Port (Ujina)". The prototype reproduces the appearance after the start of the IC card all-door disembarkation service from the beginning of 2018 to May 2018
・ Accessories: Replacement destination display (plain), destination display sticker, replacement destination display (plain), destination display sticker
・ Starter set contents: Orbital plate: Straight orbital plate 124 mm x 2, Curved orbital plate intersection R180 x 4, Accessory kit: Electric stop parts 3 types, Electric stop seal x 1, Electric stop screw x 4, Center separation zone x 2 , Centerpole 2 types (straight line x 1, curved line x 4), road fence x 2, traffic light x 2, street light x 1, unit tram relayer x 1, tram feeder x 2, unijoiner removal x 1, tram Joiner x 18 (28 including plate built-in), Plate joiner A x 12 (20 including plate built-in), Plate joiner B x 4, Common user manual x 1, Power pack standard SX, AC adapter for N
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