Next week 24 June 2021 Kato New Color Thalys PBKA 10-Car Set

Hi   Next week , Thalys New Color Version will sell from Kato .

Kato will produce Thalys PBKA renowned as a European high speed express train.While PBA released from Kato in Oct., 2020 is dedicated to the operation Paris (P)〜Brussel (B)〜Amsterdam (A), PBKA is additionally operated Paris (P)〜Brussel (B)〜Köln (K).
Unlike PBK, PBKA is characterized by the round formed top locomotive. The prototype for the Kato model is the current new paint scheme version which appeared in 2016, the 20th anniversary year. The top of model train is made connectable with a drawbar to another train, allowing the combination with PBA or another PBKA.
After departing from Paris, PBA and PBKA separate at Brussel, heading for Hollands and Germany respectively. Put it together and enjoy with Kato’s other European models such as TGV in service in France, Eurostar extending into Paris, ICE speeding along in Germany.

If you are interested in it , please let me know 


Have a nice day !!

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