Night View by Diorama


I went to Diorama World .


Not only from TOMIX and KATO, but also from various manufacturers such as Greenmax and Tommy Tech.
Structures for N gauge are on sale.
Among them, I think that many of the houses and shops are incorporated into the layout and diorama.

On this page, you can express the realism one step further in diorama production and layout production.
I will tell you about building lighting.
Many people may find it difficult to wire a building when it comes to lighting it.
However, this is not the case, even for beginners of diorama production and those who are new to N gauge.
Easy to install.

If you have a diorama or a doll in the layout, turn on the building lights.
You can create a feeling of life.
Create a fantastic night or evening landscape to enjoy the model railroad diorama and layout.
It should increase even more.

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