Osaka Metro Series 30000 by Popondetta

The second installment of the Osaka Metro modeling series. We will create a model of the latest vehicle running in the center of Osaka city.
A version with built-in interior lights is also available in the interior lighting colors (weeping cherry blossoms, Someiyoshino cherry blossoms) that are a feature of the Midosuji Line.
All products have side destination display lights.
Planning for the third installment of the Osaka Metro series is currently underway. Please stay tuned!

Osaka Metro30000 series overview
This vehicle was introduced on the Tanimachi Line in 2009 and the Midosuji Line in 2011, and was introduced as an alternative to the 30 series on the Tanimachi Line and 10 series on the Midosuji Line, which had previously been used. The Tanimachi Line operates with a 6-car train, and the Midosuji Line with a 10-car train, and the interior specifications differ depending on the year of introduction. On the Midosuji Line, the interior lighting on the Midosuji Line is indirectly illuminated with dimmable and color-adjustable LEDs, and in addition to white, daylight white, and light bulb color, there are also cherry blossom colors (Somei Yoshino) and cherry blossom colors (weeping cherry blossoms). The interior lighting is adjusted to suit the season and time of day.

Model product specifications

Common specifications
Front and side destination display lighting specifications
Taillight/headlight lighting specifications
arnold coupler
book type case

Tanimachi Line
32613 organization (product number 6077): Dainichi Headlight: Halogen specification
32609 formation (product number 6077a): Yao Minami after headlight conversion to LED

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