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The 113 series 2000 series is a group of cars with expanded seat pitch that appeared in 1978, and has a body similar to the 115 series 1000 series that appeared earlier. It was introduced on the Tokaido Main Line (Tokyo exit), and after the transition to JR, it was coupled with Salo 124/125, which is equivalent to the two-story green car of the 211 series, and the steel body formation was characterized by a single silver stainless steel body. In addition, the green car sometimes incorporated Salo 110-350 (commonly known as Bake Salo), which was a modified express green car that became surplus when the Joetsu Shinkansen opened, and became a topic of conversation among many railway fans. The four cars in the attached formation belonged to JR Central, and the cars belonging to JR East had different appearances, with JR markings of different colors and sizes, gray bogies, and underfloor equipment being the main features.

10-1270S E233-3000 Tokaido Line Ueno-TokyoUpdated on 2023/06/28

Within the E233 series group, series E233 3000s is overwhelmingly operated in Tokyo metropolitan and Tohoku areas, extending to Tohoku and Takasaki lines in the north and Tokaido and Ito lines in the south. E233 3000s is seen as a current suburban train, consisting of 15 cars at the longest, operated on these main lines. E233-3000s is well-known in Tokyo metropolitan area today. You can connect it with E231 series, E259 series, E657 series express trains running on the same route, and enjoy the atmosphere of busy traffic of various trains on Ueno-Tokyo Line.

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