September Greenmax 2022

Greenmacx , New . It will sell September 2022

The Seibu 20000 series is a commuter-type vehicle with a 20m 4-door aluminum body that has been manufactured since 1999 as a successor to the conventional main vehicle 101 series. There is a feature of.
Although it has the same aluminum body as the 6000 series 6050 series, the new body structure has been adopted to reduce manufacturing man-hours, reduce costs, and improve body strength. By 2005, more than 140 cars were manufactured, and 10-car trains and 8-car trains are active.
Seibu 20000 series 3rd generation "L-train" started operation in January 2018 as Saitama Seibu Lions celebrates the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the team. From January 2022, the design has been changed to use 20 active players. The 20104 formation is mainly active in the Ikebukuro line system.

Organization diagram

■ Commercialization of Seibu 20000 series 20104 organization "L-train" which is active in the Ikebukuro line system
■ Saitama Seibu Lions 2022 season active players wrapped from January 2022

■ Vehicle number and symbol mark (Seibu Railway) are printed
■ Front / side type destination display, priority seats, wheelchair / stroller mark, weakly air-conditioned car, women-only car are included sticker selection type
■ User-installed train radio antenna, fuse box, and ventilator
■ Radio antenna and lightning arrester are sculpted together
■ Headlight (white), tail light (red), front type destination display (white) lights up
■ Equipped with a coreless motor power unit with a flywheel
■ Equipped with long seat parts with car end
■ Adopts a special exterior package (book type vehicle case x 2 configuration)
Organization diagram

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