Summer 18 Ticket in Japan JR

The popular ticket is back this summer!

The Seishun 18 Ticket is a special ticket sold by JR companies every spring, summer, and winter to coincide with school holidays. It allows unlimited use of ordinary and rapid trains, BRT, and JR West Miyajima Ferry, but does not allow unlimited use on express and limited express trains, Shinkansen, or third-sector lines converted from JR, with some exceptions.

Although it is called "Seishun 18," there is no age restriction, and the price is the same for adults and children. One ticket includes a right of use for five days. Unlike regular tickets, it can be used by groups, but only if they travel together. It can be used for a day trip with a family of five, or a group of two can use it for two days each, and the remaining day can be used to enjoy a solo trip. Of course, there is no problem if you use all five days by yourself.

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