Thunder Day

Good morning , but  , today , Thunder .

Japanese says Pka , and Goro Goro (Sound )

Recently , there are a lot of Thunder in Japan . It is not only rain , but also Thunder . I was born in 1970-80....1968.

But , there was nothing like Japan Thunder , now . Yes , in the earth , it begins the season .  Canada is Hot , it is over Japan Summer . I didn't believe it . This is Japan News .

And , Tokyo train ,sometimes , stop to run the reason of hard rain .In Osaka, a manhole was blown away by heavy rain yesterday. Even though the car is running.

Olympic athletes have gathered. Is everyone okay?

I am worried about the weather as well as the corona. The rainy season is about to end. However, we are careful about thunderstorms in the evening. Its name is guerrilla rainstorm.

Is this the current season in Japan?

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