Japan Kansai and Wakayama Area Train

The JR Kii Line and Hanwa Line lines run along the coast of the Kii Peninsula, and the limited express ``Kuroshio'' connects Osaka and Kyoto, and the limited express ``Nanki'' connects Nagoya. The traditional limited express train, which has been around since the JNR era, has been operated in various vehicles over time, and continues to be used today as a means of transportation for people going sightseeing.

With the newly added 381 series "Super Kuroshio", all the successive "Kuroshio" series are available in KATO's N gauge. Furthermore, as a lineup that allows you to enjoy these more deeply, the latest local train 227 series 1000 series, which is operated on the Kisei Main Line, will also be available. It is indispensable for enjoying complex driving, such as recreating the evacuation of express trains at stations and scenes of passing each other.

​Let's enjoy the N gauge as the vehicles travel along the scenic coastline.

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