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E353 „Azusa/Kaiji“ of JR East Japan now joins the series of Kato Starter Sets.
E353, which started the business operation in December, 2017, was a successor of E257 and E351 that had been in service under the nicknames of “Azusa” or “Kaiji”. As a major character, it has high curving performance equal to E351 by employing car-body tilting system using air spring. The simple and powerful paint-scheme feels very speedy like symbolizing the next generation limited express train, donning violet belts on the alpine white body.
This is a starter set comprising a train, Uni-track and power pack, all in one, recommendable to beginners of model railroad hobby. The power pack is standard SX with high output of 1.2A.
A full train can be made by adding 10-1523 E353 “Azusa/Kaiji” 5-car add-on set and 10-1524 3-Car auxiliary set to this train.

The DD51 type was introduced in 1962 as the main diesel locomotive for non-electrified main lines. At its peak, DD51 numbered 649 cars, and during the mass production process, variations such as cold region/warm region, passenger/cargo, etc. were created. It towed a variety of passenger cars and cargo, and was also active in heavy trains at times.
・We also recommend combining it with a sound card to enjoy a deep sound while driving.
・The (HO)DD51 JR Freight Update color included in the HO Starter Set is now available as a separate item.

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